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Urdolls was founded in 2013 and we have our own doll manufacturing factory. So we can achieve true quality and detail control. Each of our dolls is hand-carved by a master with 30 years of experience. In the process, we use advanced scientific research techniques and perfect processes. Our philosophy is to develop and produce the most realistic dolls. Bring the best experience to customers.

We also work with well-known brands in the industry, such as: WM, Dollhouse 168 and so on. It has been unanimously recognized by the industry. At present, the sexual dolls of the urdolls store are roughly divided into affordable TPE dolls and high-quality silicone dolls. You can find popular European style ladies, gentle Asian girls, male dolls, anime dolls and fairy dolls in our store. Of course we also accept custom dolls. Just tell us the beautiful information about your dreams. We can definitely meet your needs.
Talking smart dolls and pure silicone dolls are our store’s specialty products. They attract the attention of many customers and bring them an unprecedented experience. Have fun.

Here you can find all kinds of knowledge about the sex dolls and the latest news. Do you want to know the difference in material of sex dolls and how to choose your own sex dolls? Maybe you want to know how the dolls are cleaned and maintained. It will be presented to you. It will always give you a satisfactory answer. Quickly learn the knowledge you are interested in from the following article!


Give Up Four Silicone And Tpe Real Sex Doll

Three and a half years ago, I timidly gave up four silicone and tpe real sex doll. In retrospect, my reaction was particularly stupid. So think twice, right? You said, “I’ve been divorced for a year, and I don’t want to be with anyone and be curious.” Then in the same message, you were eager to…

Please Keep Your Pregnant Sex Doll

I can only recommend that you order real sex doll from the listed dealers. And pay attention to the small dolls (below 140) forbidden to export. I am a great collector of many things and other figurines. I took photos with the actors for the Expo Japan event … As far as I know, you seem to…

There Are Many Outstanding Pregnant Sex Doll Questions

It ’s not too small because of clothes problems (I am still not a designer) Even today, a new type of real sex doll (smart doll) for adults and children is available in Japan All kinds of clothes. However, the price of clothing and imported goods, and the possibility of incompatible measurements, led me to reject the…