As The Owner of Male Sex doll with Angel Face

Then there is the 155cm model, which has become more and more serious, but sex doll is more difficult to operate, and then the 165cm model that is closest to reality. Then there is the price… for 140 cm, I found most models on ebay at a price of 750 €, but how to make sure that the right product is encountered, such as the right hair, skin, the right color material or the right size. For For larger models, the budget will increase rapidly.

Then perform maintenance, and you may get drunk quickly in the long run. Then, according to the wear of the material, it was the biggest annoyance when I purchased it. What materials and the most realistic touch? I always see electronic skins or silicones and even hybrids, where I get lost. One last point. The 140 cm doll should be difficult to find all kinds of clothes. For 155 and 165 cm, it should be simpler because they are more standard human dimensions… Am I wrong?

DL Silicone Sex Doll High End

Here, if someone can enlighten me on one of these points, I first want to thank him. You can definitely ask yourself all these questions, you will find some serious dealers (tested by previous members) and fanatics on this blog, they share experience and technology to better help you consider the advantages of dolls, Maintain restrictions and ultimately make the choice that best meets your expectations. Is this “158cm TPE doll”? If it is, even if the size looks correct, I am not very excited and the skin tone is not deep enough. Asia is not enough…too bad. As the owner of the male sex doll with WM 140 with angel face, I can assure you that it is a very good doll from the doll world.

Preventive Measures Taken And Sex Doll Technical Advice

For the choice of model, precautions to be taken and sex doll technical advice, you will find a lot of information on this blog. Here you will find many things, many people’s lives are very different. It is also possible that a couple wants to have a doll to fill the emotional lack of children they cannot have. Adoption may not be the right solution for some people! Hello everyone, I am a 28 year old single man,

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I want to buy a love doll because I am a lonely person, but I still like to be with me. I have suffered too much from my previous relationship, which has made me lose the desire to start anew with others, if this is the risk of losing everything again. Anyway, now I bring into virtual reality, which has benefited me a lot. However, in order to complete the wake-up hearing and visual experience provided by the technology, I decided to add a sense of touch. I tested it cool, but hey… I’m bored.

Can I do? I found love dolls, what better immersion than love dolls? Well, not yet. Therefore, I want to learn about trusted websites where I can find the male sex doll that suits me best. I have done a lot of research, but I am still hesitant in many ways…I have determined the scale. I told myself that a 140 cm doll is very small, easy to transport, and weighs 23 kg. It can already play gravity games, but it may lack realism.

The Increasingly Fierce Competition for Sex Dolls Develops Faster

But I can talk about what I found in the first operation that I did not see under artificial lighting. 1° Silicone is the “old generation”, just like mine, which means it is not as strong as TPE and therefore lacks realism in touch. Then fix the head so that it cannot rotate left and right. The nipple has only one dizzy nipple and the distance between the nipple and the breast is too far. Nails are just paint, hands and forearms are not rotating. On the other hand, sex doll has manufacturing defects. The silicone on the outside peels off at the vagina level of its supporting material. I have to put everything back. The paint on the nipples and cosmetics is not fixed.

Sophie - 150CM Lolita Style DL Silicone Sex Doll

The biggest advantage is that it can also make me this model. Its range of activity is very large, especially in the groin, you can spread your legs 180° without tearing! In summary, the award-winning dolls lack self-cultivation and sense of reality. Maybe time will prove to run counter to us, anyway, I hope they have all the evil. The problem they face is that increasingly fierce competition develops faster. In some ways, they are even hard to catch up. Sorry, I may have a sharp spirit, but for me, the future of dolls is far east of the Rhine.

Quality, as all of us think, cuties decide! When you don’t have a large budget, this is the right solution because it just said that there are good deals. Almost all new dolls are sold at a discount, because if the difference from the new doll is not important, they will not be sold! This is a good choice, especially when the male sex doll is almost new, in addition, we can also see them, touch them and report on the product site. Provide your preferred version, we can communicate with you in detail to better advise you.

You Order Sex Doll Delivered In A Reinforced Suitcase

I want to take the TPE version to see the difference between the two, and then I will talk about my impressions. After all, I follow their news. See evolution and enjoy your eyes. I miss my doll very much in the box, so I finished the work. You can put it back in the original box. Then, you order the sex doll delivered in the reinforced suitcase, which seems simpler than ordering the suitcase and ordering the doll. You save traffic. In detail, I think you said that TPE dolls are lighter, stronger, and stand better than silicone dolls. This is because you made a mistake. I learned that based on your information, Doll Story has developed a lot.

Hot Lips DL Silicone Sex Doll Taylor

At that time, the silicone was too hard, except for the strange part of the abdomen and breasts (with gel inside). It lacks elasticity and flexibility, especially on the hips and thighs. I see that the “docking” effect of the new product is very good (my lovely sin, this is why I chose 148 cm), and the quality and details of the surface treatment are unmatched by all other brands (my opinion), all I think the price is reasonable at all things considered! Unfortunately, the problems you encountered were too frequent.

Fortunately, they have been corrected: improved joints, softer and even softer silicone, articulated fingers have been completely revised, and are more reliable and more authentic. Choosing a TPE doll does not guarantee its reliability. Some are very beautiful, even exquisite, but this material is fragile. Now there are some “Doll Story” models standing. For other models, we can deceive people like I did for Alice. Alice didn’t stand, but actually leaned on her hips and her feet could only keep her balance. It is difficult to answer your question, because it is incorrect to criticize a male sex doll we saw before buying.

Does Real Comfort or Danger Affect The Life Of The Flat Chested Love Doll?

An open-minded woman (well, it depends on what). Therefore, we agreed to purchase a doll. The main part of the question now: what model? => At present, my choice stops on the heating system => Does real comfort or danger affect the life of the flat chested love doll? Price difference => Why is China / Japan silicone resin much cheaper than FR / United States? Is the quality the same? (Considering the price difference, I do n’t believe it for a second, but who knows) Finally, here, I hope this opening will enable me to find the answer to the question.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

I will not miss to share my experience when this day will come, but it is really not right ^^ the result. For the novice, I find you are still very advanced! Indeed, you have decided on the budget and have “pre-selected” a doll model. This is because it meets the criteria you determined, you only need to wait to visit the exhibition hall of urdolls to confirm or change your choice. This is the ideal way to consider buying the first doll.

By the way, as our friends said, you are so lucky! Wife and mistress at home, dream! I found that your choice was first worn on urdolls 162 cm. I saw that the seller said in the demo that this is a silicone doll, which is actually compared in TPE: the silicone doll is a 160 cm real sex doll, so the shape is almost the same, the cost is almost twice the original weight 26 kg, The Z-type weighs 35 kg, which is endless!

I Fell in Love With The 155cm Wmdoll Real Sex Doll Model

Hello everyone, I am a newbie on this site, and I want to know about the doll brand. Here you will find information about these brands. If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask. If you tell us why you need information, we can provide you with more precise guidance. As you can see, all these brands are cited. You only need to visit all these manufacturers and compare their flat chested love doll.

Once you have refined your choices, you can ask one of the members if you have feedback on the doll you pre-selected, because there is nothing better than winning a good idea. The choice is very, very important, so you should make a specification yourself to make a rough choice. We are ready to help you in your beautiful business.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Take your time, if you can, visiting the showroom is a very important and decisive step. I fell in love with the 155cm wmdoll real sex doll model, and I told myself to establish a connection with a community specializing in this field to better take care of my future, which is not a bad thing. I am looking for information here. many problems! I am 35 years old and I am a couple.

We Know The Advantages Of Silicone On Flat Chested Love Doll

I have always heard that silicone materials are much more expensive than TPE, which is why the “small volume” process limits the silicone content. Frankly, all of this is not very clear, and I want to hear the opinions of people who are considered experts on this issue. In short, this does not change the choice of our friends, especially if he likes the cheering process of his wife! At the limit, everything is at best because when we know the advantages of silicone in flat chested love doll.

In addition, my wife has verified the face, and will lend me her voice to choose her. Made from silicone, its economy comes especially from its manufacturing process, which is the same as the high-end organic manufactured by existing technology Silicon dolls have nothing to do. For example, they do not have small internal bodies, which means they are heavier. Over time, the lack of small objects will also affect the resistance of the silicone.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

The silicone real sex doll worthy of name is highly technical, so it is expensive and reasonably priced. If you absolutely want to use silicone within a budget of around 3000 Euros, I cannot suggest that you think too much. At this price, you can have silicone dolls in good condition. And, if you want to get something new and have the same budget, please give priority to TPE. I doubt the above explanation about manufacturing. In short, pouring silicone directly onto the skeleton (in terms of TPE), which means the same weight, but we have “silicone” contacts instead of TPE contacts.


I Am Also in Contact With Real Sex Doll

It can be said that the cost of manufacturing in China is much lower than that of Japan, the United States or France. This is far from affecting your choice, but your doubt about the price difference of flat chested love doll. For all purposes and purposes, there is a considerable doll, I personally found it to be urdolls doll 155 D super hot rolled. If I have the necessary strength, this is what I will buy, but I must be completely satisfied with 148 cm.

In addition, I have contacted the seller several times for information! In fact, I am considering this model for sensors and heating. But I saw (otherwise I didn’t expect) that the heating blanket can also make coffee. Suddenly I was absorbed. My wife, because she does not know anything, so I must find the model ^^, on the other hand, I must admit that TPE can not attract me. What a shame the information you provided me, I really like this.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

It has silicones with TPE price: increased service life and stability of the material over time. There is still a difference in tactile and tactile sense between the two. For this reason, it is best to know it yourself and to visit Bruno. When you want to pay the price, it is best to add some precautions, good luck! Next month I will date Bruno and I await his confirmation. I also contacted real sex doll to try to get new information.

I Hope To Make Myself Understand Real Sex Doll

What I dreamed of was that the blue goblin gave Lea life! You can’t see everything in the end! One day, I worry that we will encounter Lea, because I have a problem that I have not solved, because I found a solution, this fear no longer has the same effect, so I imagine … I may (may) misunderstand Your words. For our couple, flat chested love doll will not steal the place my wife occupies. I know myself well and know this.

If you allow me to express, it will be a plus in our lives, a little spice, a spice. This will not be the object of uninterrupted fantasy. In the case of two girls under the same roof, obviously this raises the question of whether we will have fun together. But obviously, my wife will choose when and where.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Since she and I don’t know (from Marseille) what is the “existence” and “reality” of real sex doll, we can only assume that imagine what this kind of life will be like. Obviously, the showroom will play a decisive role. We have high hopes for this visit, but I have a feeling that we will not be disappointed (maybe compared to our fantasy / hope, but not disappointed with what we will learn, I mean, I hope that I can Understand yourself.

This Is My Unique Flat Chested Love Doll

This is my unique flat chested love doll love … we are not saying: everyone sees noon at their doorstep? If there is a place, I hope not to be judged, just here. My reason is my reason, I don’t know what to say. I have no judgment!

It’s just that I said that with the arrival of the doll, the way I look at things has changed. I also fantasize about the trio. There are two people, and I need two strangers. Morally speaking, I can’t manage my girlfriend, the other. This morning, I spent 3 hours hugging. I am single, and I have developed a strange fantasy. This is the evolution of my basic fantasy. With a girlfriend who is also fascinated by me, I will be her.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Immortal fantasy is added to you, so this new fantasy is to meet a girl who fell in love with my doll and knew that Leah was the name of my ideal wife, but I never heard of it, which kept her The pure unreal side. Get up … Now, the dream Leah appears on the face of a real sex doll Leah, so I imagined a threesome, a human Leah and a synthetic Leah, but no longer know which one is with Pino Cao has the same principle.