I Became More Like Sex Doll Than My Physical Desire

The price/price/weight/quality/appearance of this sex doll is completely acceptable. In terms of clothes, I chose TU (elastic size) or 12/14 years old, which is very suitable. Due to back problems, I still support his 25 kg tpe. I don’t think I can wear more clothes even if I can wear more without risking hurting myself. At first, I wanted a sex doll, but as time went on, I became more like physical desires.

160CM DL Silicone Sex Doll Boxing

I caress her and hug her. I don’t know why it comforts me so much, but hey, that’s all. Finally here, if my testimony can help your work, I hope you can do an in-depth study on the blog. I recently discovered the right: bad passion for love dolls (even my fantasies), especially the brand’s love dolls, I want to invest in my first love doll soon. For the first acquisition, I plan to spend up to 2000 Euros and invest in new investments.

Therefore, I am looking for information about dolls, so I will naturally register on your blog. Take a moment to tell yourself. The blog is there. Pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality of service that comes with it. Importing dolls wildly seems to be an attractive option, but then we let ourselves fall into disappointment. Please check the site referenced by the male sex doll blog instead. You will find reliable contacts there. In order not to repeat myself, because I have the same thing to tell you, please read the information a few minutes ago.

You Order Sex Doll Delivered In A Reinforced Suitcase

I want to take the TPE version to see the difference between the two, and then I will talk about my impressions. After all, I follow their news. See evolution and enjoy your eyes. I miss my doll very much in the box, so I finished the work. You can put it back in the original box. Then, you order the sex doll delivered in the reinforced suitcase, which seems simpler than ordering the suitcase and ordering the doll. You save traffic. In detail, I think you said that TPE dolls are lighter, stronger, and stand better than silicone dolls. This is because you made a mistake. I learned that based on your information, Doll Story has developed a lot.

Hot Lips DL Silicone Sex Doll Taylor

At that time, the silicone was too hard, except for the strange part of the abdomen and breasts (with gel inside). It lacks elasticity and flexibility, especially on the hips and thighs. I see that the “docking” effect of the new product is very good (my lovely sin, this is why I chose 148 cm), and the quality and details of the surface treatment are unmatched by all other brands (my opinion), all I think the price is reasonable at all things considered! Unfortunately, the problems you encountered were too frequent.

Fortunately, they have been corrected: improved joints, softer and even softer silicone, articulated fingers have been completely revised, and are more reliable and more authentic. Choosing a TPE doll does not guarantee its reliability. Some are very beautiful, even exquisite, but this material is fragile. Now there are some “Doll Story” models standing. For other models, we can deceive people like I did for Alice. Alice didn’t stand, but actually leaned on her hips and her feet could only keep her balance. It is difficult to answer your question, because it is incorrect to criticize a male sex doll we saw before buying.

We Know The Advantages Of Silicone On Flat Chested Love Doll

I have always heard that silicone materials are much more expensive than TPE, which is why the “small volume” process limits the silicone content. Frankly, all of this is not very clear, and I want to hear the opinions of people who are considered experts on this issue. In short, this does not change the choice of our friends, especially if he likes the cheering process of his wife! At the limit, everything is at best because when we know the advantages of silicone in flat chested love doll.

In addition, my wife has verified the face, and will lend me her voice to choose her. Made from silicone, its economy comes especially from its manufacturing process, which is the same as the high-end organic manufactured by existing technology Silicon dolls have nothing to do. For example, they do not have small internal bodies, which means they are heavier. Over time, the lack of small objects will also affect the resistance of the silicone.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

The silicone real sex doll worthy of name is highly technical, so it is expensive and reasonably priced. If you absolutely want to use silicone within a budget of around 3000 Euros, I cannot suggest that you think too much. At this price, you can have silicone dolls in good condition. And, if you want to get something new and have the same budget, please give priority to TPE. I doubt the above explanation about manufacturing. In short, pouring silicone directly onto the skeleton (in terms of TPE), which means the same weight, but we have “silicone” contacts instead of TPE contacts.


I Thought I Would Buy Flat Chested Love Doll At First

Introduce yourself: 27 years old, I have a relationship. I am considering buying a doll, both for “sexual” reasons and out of curiosity. In my opinion, this is also a good way to gain satisfaction and disloyalty. I thought I was going to buy a flat chested love doll at first, but I think the size seems a bit awkward. Suddenly, I wanted to take an extra 140 cm “Alice” of urdolls (even take one immediately and get a big one!).

As a seemingly reliable store, urdolls, I saw and reviewed it (based on internet reviews). Here, if you have comments on these two stores and other stores, I will be very interested! Finally, if someone is in the same situation as me, I will be interested in it. I am a couple (but often not at home), and I have not announced this project to my girlfriend. You are still young, but how do you believe in this type of review, the company is paid to write excellent reviews on the Internet.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

You are on a dedicated website, not much can escape us. My role is to warn you after you perform the required operations. Before stopping a brand, you will do a good job. Take a look at Bruno ’s father ’s real sex doll, where there are many others representing his brand, which can expand your choice. Note that the price itself is one thing, but when you become a doll owner in the future, you must consider other conditions “recommendations; compliance and after-sales.” Good research!

All The Information You Need To Buy A Silicone Sex Doll For The First Time

During my research, my eyes fell on 140, and I must admit that it has a rather charming curve, but its size is quite problematic, and I worry that it will leave an impression with the child. Then this brand, just during my research, WM DOLLS often appeared on many sites, the feedback is very good (do n’t hesitate to send me your feedback about other sex doll brands).

Now why choose the 140 and 165 models: Therefore, I looked for the second option, which is similar in size and shape to 140, but more suitable for adults, it falls on 165 (this is an aesthetic choice, which is All photos are affected by net). In terms of weight, I was very surprised when I saw many people receiving their dolls. Indeed, it is a pleasure to take a peek at the exhibition hall, and it is difficult to truly realize for yourself the processing difficulties it may cause. The doll photos published by the manufacturer are always flattering and used to highlight them.

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

The only thing that allows us to really evaluate the shape of the doll is its size. In the photo, it is difficult to see the difference between the 83 cm and 90 cm turns. The example of 158 JY is striking because 83 cm looks better “scrolling” on the photo! Therefore, the future DO must ensure that the indicated measurements are very strict and accurate, because 2 cm or 3 cm or more or less will significantly change the appearance of the doll. It is said that you will find all the information you need to purchase the silicone sex doll for the first time, oh, this company is exquisite!

I Will Be The Proud Owner Of The Silicone Sex Doll

We can see better! Indeed, the darker skin is not the face we think, or even the body we forget, so any reviews on WM are completely different products! You managed to get him to take a bath because it should not be obvious to walk through the door! If you are too dangerous for his hands or risk of falling in the bathtub, you must look for the technology of the plastic bag under the hips for quick cleaning sex doll. I noticed that she has a pretty “Indian, Pakistani or similar face.”

We do not see this face fluent, so I think this determines your choice? I hope there won’t be any problems in the future. At the photo level, I think the copy of the WM doll has less detail (please see the attached page). The most important thing is to know whether TPE is not allergic or toxic, and only destroy the remaining TPE if there is a problem. Her face is very similar to Asians, but indeed, her dark skin is shot on the Indian side, even on the American Indian side. In short, I do n’t know that I like her anyway. Well, real women generally don’t.

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

It also has other Doll brand resellers settled in China. That’s it, I was just surprised: I will be the proud owner of the silicone sex doll! After a long time of hesitation, I decided to leave my order this morning and I should receive it within three days. After receiving the photo, I will immediately post the photo to you! From the news I read, the first time was really great, I was in a hurry.

Never Seen Other Silicone Sex Dolls In Real Life

Reread my information very well, but the face is the price of the doll in TPE. The big breast option on 145 is also possible, and the price is as expensive as a doll. If I want a perfect measurement, it ’s the price of the car … And, I ’m not even sure if all the dimensions can be modified, such as the size and width of the shoulder, so I considered the price, which is very convincing I have known sex doll for a long time, and I fell in love with it immediately, and always said to myself that it would be nice to have one.

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

I finally stumbled and ordered a small 140 cm. I am very satisfied with the purchase. Today, I stood with her twice and it was incredible. Sellers, especially brands … In 140, I saw that it may be that the price you pay is also customs related information and all these fuss things. I have reasons for this choice, as well as the risks I take when being accepted by such a seller, but I am at a loss about the results of asking a lot of questions before I start. I said in the chat with the seller, just as much as possible. ” Cover up “me.

Regarding quality, I have never seen other silicone sex doll in real life, but I must say that for me, I disdain realism, we really have an impression that they will move and talk about shock TPE and bones seem correct to me (cow is too heavy! Shocking). We will see it in time. Anyway, I am already in love.

To Transport And Handle Sex Dolls

The closest showroom to you is in the center of France, unless you know closer. I live in Essonne. In fact, it’s closer than I thought. My house is at 2:30. I don’t know why, I saw this nearby. I’m checking the schedule to ask for a small holiday. The week of November 6 seemed a little closer. To transport and handle a sex doll, you still have to “organize”, that is, if you bend its legs, you treat it as a waist (don’t worry about its beautiful curvature), and the knee can move it like any woman.

By pros and cons I have to say that I only have to reverse it slightly in bed. I stand out in front of all highly open enthusiasts and help me in one way or another. Give everyone a word who is still hesitant to press the button. What are you risking? Want to be happy? Indeed, happiness is risky. You just told me that there is no quality doll in the “top” of TPE, but some people reiterated that the quality of WM is higher than other brands.

Charles - 156CM H-cup WM TPE Sex Doll

So there are differences in quality according to the doll brand in TPE? If so, why not rate the quality / price ratios to better inspire and inform future dolls, lest they be torn up by “counterfeit” statements spread by unscrupulous sellers, especially with doing business at all costs . The problem is that at least 15 brands are provided online by different sellers. Ho

Hesitation Between Sex Dolls Of 2 Models

You hesitate between the sex doll of the 2 models, you must know deeply, deepen yourself, this is the person closest to your female ideal, you must not accept in any way the advice of people who will also split, Then jump in and let your internal organs speak. After struggling with my alienation, and after unanimous thinking, I finally decided to join you. The choice is complex but successful.

It’s easy to do it like most people, but in the end it’s not satisfying. In my opinion, it is hypocritical to accept mainstream ideas without advocating independent views. I can’t do anything, especially I don’t want to. I was lucky to be surrounded by 2 superb dolls, and this new happiness made me enjoy unlimited. In addition, reading your article in real French is well written and adds to my happiness.

Charles - 156CM H-cup WM TPE Sex Doll

I hope you find a doll to bring happiness and that you will be present for a long time. His music is an elevation of ideas, strange to some people, but omnipresent to others. Is there a more beautiful state than the unexpected note, but it floats us, fascinates us and takes us away, towards another place that may not exist but is ready to let everything find its way out?

Get Different Weight Sex Doll Facial Choices

Your weight is between 160 cm and 37 kg, and the larger is 158 cm. 28 kg. You currently have 158 cm in the doll scene, generally 1200 EU 28 kg, a larger doll, heavier, for the same size, you can get different weights (breast and hip size) according to the shape of sex doll face selection It’s also important that you should know that if you can’t find a favorite face on the model, the head is usually interchangeable with the brand that is referenced.

These are indeed these young ladies. I intend to limit myself to the wmdolls brand for two reasons: there seems to be a consensus on the quality of the dolls-they are both perfect. A motto says, “It’s better to be the enemy of the good guys.” I’ve run into a lot of trouble choosing between the two, so if I had to choose between 40 beauties as beautiful as each other, I wouldn’t The hotel came out.

Charles - 156CM H-cup WM TPE Sex Doll

In order to answer you, I will choose a maximum weight of 30 kg, but I am afraid it is already very large, about the face, it must be the 36th face. Looking at the second photo you posted, I was so pitiful that he had to turn around in the grave while shouting: “Oh, I miss my thinker completely!”. In the last series you posted, I have only one eye with this magnificent red hair. Decided that a wig is not enough.