I Will Receive Sex Doll in A Few Weeks

I ordered a little angel 140 from urdolls and I will receive sex doll in a few weeks. As far as I am concerned, I am 47 years old. Bachelors are intermittent (yes, I know, it makes people laugh) and I am curious about my heart. I don’t know the brand WN, maybe it’s just the tongue, do you mean order from urdolls? If this is the case, you can rest assured that, in principle, delivery will be a few weeks faster, because it took me 8 days!

Xixi - 146CM DL Silicone Sex Doll

I don’t know the WM deadline, but you will be notified soon. You tell us your curiosity, what topics can we know? I live in the Paris area, 38 years old this year, single for a long time, no children. It is not easy to be single, especially when there is no sex, for this reason, I will consider buying a beautiful doll! First, you must define a specification in order to choose the selection criteria that represent your ideal woman.

Rest assured, it exists, and all (or almost) members of the blog will tell you that they have found it. We must define the range of weight, budget and shape. Of all the brands represented here, there are definitely ideal dolls. If you live in the Paris area, to visually and manually understand that it is actually a doll. Then you will have time to browse all galleries. Pulsating or less attractive photos and photos of “horny” dolls between each other unless you are really obsessed
Otherwise, you must wait patiently, but before buying male sex doll, please take precautions as much as possible for the accuracy of the signs.

Find Out About The Quality of TPE and Silicone Sex Doll

One person found it very creepy. Every point has. I want to find a second between this summer and the end of this year. When I encountered the problems encountered in the “price sex doll story”, I went to other places to check the products, reviews and two years of forums, and I thought of the 140cm version of the brand “WM Doll”. TPE products (obviously softer than silicone, yes, I think the doll’s buttocks are very hard), the price is cheaper, lighter (also smaller), can be used upright, satisfied with the customers who use the product, maybe not The problem of passing color on clothes. Unfortunately, I use a lot of white.

Sylvia - 146CM DL Silicone Sex Doll

I looked at the time, but the most important thing is that this is a Chinese product and I only see the dealers who bought it from. You will find complete information about the quality, risks and consequences of TPE and silicone sex doll on this site. You can also contact the enthusiastic sellers cited here to advise you and guide you in your choice! After taking a good look, I want to “Made in France” and then look at the product. Welcome, very calm, I saw the manufacturing location of the “showroom” after the repair. I failed for the first time, but I will not necessarily give another 6,500 euros.

In my speech, I also forgot another small problem, that is, the problem in the forming process of two parts. When I brought out the repair kit, this was an opportunity to test the repair kit. If this is not the case, it is always impressive to look closely. When I hold her in my arms, move her… as I said, the thighs are too hard and unrealistic. Maybe one day, they will put prostheses everywhere to release this rigidity of silicone and make their male sex doll more realistic.

You Order Sex Doll Delivered In A Reinforced Suitcase

I want to take the TPE version to see the difference between the two, and then I will talk about my impressions. After all, I follow their news. See evolution and enjoy your eyes. I miss my doll very much in the box, so I finished the work. You can put it back in the original box. Then, you order the sex doll delivered in the reinforced suitcase, which seems simpler than ordering the suitcase and ordering the doll. You save traffic. In detail, I think you said that TPE dolls are lighter, stronger, and stand better than silicone dolls. This is because you made a mistake. I learned that based on your information, Doll Story has developed a lot.

Hot Lips DL Silicone Sex Doll Taylor

At that time, the silicone was too hard, except for the strange part of the abdomen and breasts (with gel inside). It lacks elasticity and flexibility, especially on the hips and thighs. I see that the “docking” effect of the new product is very good (my lovely sin, this is why I chose 148 cm), and the quality and details of the surface treatment are unmatched by all other brands (my opinion), all I think the price is reasonable at all things considered! Unfortunately, the problems you encountered were too frequent.

Fortunately, they have been corrected: improved joints, softer and even softer silicone, articulated fingers have been completely revised, and are more reliable and more authentic. Choosing a TPE doll does not guarantee its reliability. Some are very beautiful, even exquisite, but this material is fragile. Now there are some “Doll Story” models standing. For other models, we can deceive people like I did for Alice. Alice didn’t stand, but actually leaned on her hips and her feet could only keep her balance. It is difficult to answer your question, because it is incorrect to criticize a male sex doll we saw before buying.

Does Real Comfort or Danger Affect The Life Of The Flat Chested Love Doll?

An open-minded woman (well, it depends on what). Therefore, we agreed to purchase a doll. The main part of the question now: what model? => At present, my choice stops on the heating system => Does real comfort or danger affect the life of the flat chested love doll? Price difference => Why is China / Japan silicone resin much cheaper than FR / United States? Is the quality the same? (Considering the price difference, I do n’t believe it for a second, but who knows) Finally, here, I hope this opening will enable me to find the answer to the question.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

I will not miss to share my experience when this day will come, but it is really not right ^^ the result. For the novice, I find you are still very advanced! Indeed, you have decided on the budget and have “pre-selected” a doll model. This is because it meets the criteria you determined, you only need to wait to visit the exhibition hall of urdolls to confirm or change your choice. This is the ideal way to consider buying the first doll.

By the way, as our friends said, you are so lucky! Wife and mistress at home, dream! I found that your choice was first worn on urdolls 162 cm. I saw that the seller said in the demo that this is a silicone doll, which is actually compared in TPE: the silicone doll is a 160 cm real sex doll, so the shape is almost the same, the cost is almost twice the original weight 26 kg, The Z-type weighs 35 kg, which is endless!

I Am Also in Contact With Real Sex Doll

It can be said that the cost of manufacturing in China is much lower than that of Japan, the United States or France. This is far from affecting your choice, but your doubt about the price difference of flat chested love doll. For all purposes and purposes, there is a considerable doll, I personally found it to be urdolls doll 155 D super hot rolled. If I have the necessary strength, this is what I will buy, but I must be completely satisfied with 148 cm.

In addition, I have contacted the seller several times for information! In fact, I am considering this model for sensors and heating. But I saw (otherwise I didn’t expect) that the heating blanket can also make coffee. Suddenly I was absorbed. My wife, because she does not know anything, so I must find the model ^^, on the other hand, I must admit that TPE can not attract me. What a shame the information you provided me, I really like this.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

It has silicones with TPE price: increased service life and stability of the material over time. There is still a difference in tactile and tactile sense between the two. For this reason, it is best to know it yourself and to visit Bruno. When you want to pay the price, it is best to add some precautions, good luck! Next month I will date Bruno and I await his confirmation. I also contacted real sex doll to try to get new information.

I Hope To Make Myself Understand Real Sex Doll

What I dreamed of was that the blue goblin gave Lea life! You can’t see everything in the end! One day, I worry that we will encounter Lea, because I have a problem that I have not solved, because I found a solution, this fear no longer has the same effect, so I imagine … I may (may) misunderstand Your words. For our couple, flat chested love doll will not steal the place my wife occupies. I know myself well and know this.

If you allow me to express, it will be a plus in our lives, a little spice, a spice. This will not be the object of uninterrupted fantasy. In the case of two girls under the same roof, obviously this raises the question of whether we will have fun together. But obviously, my wife will choose when and where.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Since she and I don’t know (from Marseille) what is the “existence” and “reality” of real sex doll, we can only assume that imagine what this kind of life will be like. Obviously, the showroom will play a decisive role. We have high hopes for this visit, but I have a feeling that we will not be disappointed (maybe compared to our fantasy / hope, but not disappointed with what we will learn, I mean, I hope that I can Understand yourself.

I Thought I Would Buy Flat Chested Love Doll At First

Introduce yourself: 27 years old, I have a relationship. I am considering buying a doll, both for “sexual” reasons and out of curiosity. In my opinion, this is also a good way to gain satisfaction and disloyalty. I thought I was going to buy a flat chested love doll at first, but I think the size seems a bit awkward. Suddenly, I wanted to take an extra 140 cm “Alice” of urdolls (even take one immediately and get a big one!).

As a seemingly reliable store, urdolls, I saw and reviewed it (based on internet reviews). Here, if you have comments on these two stores and other stores, I will be very interested! Finally, if someone is in the same situation as me, I will be interested in it. I am a couple (but often not at home), and I have not announced this project to my girlfriend. You are still young, but how do you believe in this type of review, the company is paid to write excellent reviews on the Internet.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

You are on a dedicated website, not much can escape us. My role is to warn you after you perform the required operations. Before stopping a brand, you will do a good job. Take a look at Bruno ’s father ’s real sex doll, where there are many others representing his brand, which can expand your choice. Note that the price itself is one thing, but when you become a doll owner in the future, you must consider other conditions “recommendations; compliance and after-sales.” Good research!

Very Impressive Silicone Sex Doll Pictures

For dolls, the closer you are to the “human” ratio, the more weight will increase, and handling dolls will not be as simple as you think. Choose the WM brand, and must have their own reasons. But please note that there are other very serious brands that can provide you with a wider selection of 140 and 165 cm models, because of the huge difference between sex doll weight and form, you are hesitant about these two sizes, which is a bit strange.

You’d better ask the members about your pre-selected dolls and provide their testimony. I personally have a 148cm doll, and I am very, very satisfied with it, because in terms of its size, this is the best “scrolling”, I still think that anyway. Be careful about the weight and use you really need to pay attention to. If you are walking towards a heavy doll, it may be useful to go to the showroom to understand the weight. If you are interested in 165 cm, you can look at 158 ​​and 165 cm.

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Their shape is exactly the same, and the weight of 158 cm is 28 kg, and the hips are more round, changed to 84 cm WM is 77 cm, the price is more attractive. If you need specific information about 158 ​​cm, I can give you because I have one. So first of all, if my choice is for the WM DOLLS brand, then this is first and foremost a very natural aspect of some proposed faces, and even very impressive on certain silicone sex doll pictures.

Busty Breasts Horizontal Shaped Silicone Sex Doll

I am not a photography expert. If I understand your approach, then you are looking for a model that is as realistic as possible, that is, who will do your photographer ’s work like a real woman. As we all know, the current love doll can achieve these functions. I think this function can be achieved in the silicone manufacturing you indicated, but I don’t understand why you would ignore the manufacturing in TPE sex doll. These prices are much cheaper.

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Between 2000 and 2500 eu, it has a very enlightening form and very beautiful faces, and also has a very strong metal frame, which can take pictures perfectly. In my opinion, the most beautiful dolls, but they are the most expensive! If you do not have a budget, you can use a large number of models in TPE to find the model that best suits your “your specifications”. Have a good pursuit! Thank you for all your replies.

Is that a doll’s story? I saw many people talking about it, but because of you, I do n’t quite understand its meaning. After using TPE or silicone, the main point I can introduce to me is that the visual aspect is very beautiful and very close to women, not necessarily the touch I like once, especially I can move with little trouble. Thank you for letting me tell the website I will see. Yes, I am looking for a silicone sex doll with a plump breast horizontal shape, and there is not much.

The Relationship Of Machines Makes Us Love The Artificial Sex Doll

For information, I am also a former computer expert and now a plumber and electrician. Another computer scientist! No, it ’s not actually true. I ’m talking about me, but I ’m almost 36 years later. This is the most respected industry. Is it because of our relationship with machines that we love sex doll? Yes, for many of them, they often pay everything for us, but we love them so much that we still want them at home.

So afterwards, I also saw that for many of them, they prefer to chat with people outside, have a drink or two, then let go of their arms, laugh and play with almost anyone, their boyfriends or others . This is not the problem. Especially in our time, we are like a product, as easy as changing a mobile phone every year, because it is no longer popular. He was spoiled at first, and then ignored again.

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

The sexy lingerie photographer I introduced to myself as myself. Information about dolls. Because underwear models cost me a lot of money, and my problem is that if the duration of the session is too long, I have to pay them a make-up fee without calculating availability, demand, and company. Suddenly, I thought of a silicone sex doll, which can help me make up shots or avoid long training to save money. Here, I will post my question in the appropriate place.