Preventive Measures Taken And Sex Doll Technical Advice

For the choice of model, precautions to be taken and sex doll technical advice, you will find a lot of information on this blog. Here you will find many things, many people’s lives are very different. It is also possible that a couple wants to have a doll to fill the emotional lack of children they cannot have. Adoption may not be the right solution for some people! Hello everyone, I am a 28 year old single man,

DL Silicone Sex Doll Mature Women Big Breasts

I want to buy a love doll because I am a lonely person, but I still like to be with me. I have suffered too much from my previous relationship, which has made me lose the desire to start anew with others, if this is the risk of losing everything again. Anyway, now I bring into virtual reality, which has benefited me a lot. However, in order to complete the wake-up hearing and visual experience provided by the technology, I decided to add a sense of touch. I tested it cool, but hey… I’m bored.

Can I do? I found love dolls, what better immersion than love dolls? Well, not yet. Therefore, I want to learn about trusted websites where I can find the male sex doll that suits me best. I have done a lot of research, but I am still hesitant in many ways…I have determined the scale. I told myself that a 140 cm doll is very small, easy to transport, and weighs 23 kg. It can already play gravity games, but it may lack realism.

I Will Receive Sex Doll in A Few Weeks

I ordered a little angel 140 from urdolls and I will receive sex doll in a few weeks. As far as I am concerned, I am 47 years old. Bachelors are intermittent (yes, I know, it makes people laugh) and I am curious about my heart. I don’t know the brand WN, maybe it’s just the tongue, do you mean order from urdolls? If this is the case, you can rest assured that, in principle, delivery will be a few weeks faster, because it took me 8 days!

Xixi - 146CM DL Silicone Sex Doll

I don’t know the WM deadline, but you will be notified soon. You tell us your curiosity, what topics can we know? I live in the Paris area, 38 years old this year, single for a long time, no children. It is not easy to be single, especially when there is no sex, for this reason, I will consider buying a beautiful doll! First, you must define a specification in order to choose the selection criteria that represent your ideal woman.

Rest assured, it exists, and all (or almost) members of the blog will tell you that they have found it. We must define the range of weight, budget and shape. Of all the brands represented here, there are definitely ideal dolls. If you live in the Paris area, to visually and manually understand that it is actually a doll. Then you will have time to browse all galleries. Pulsating or less attractive photos and photos of “horny” dolls between each other unless you are really obsessed
Otherwise, you must wait patiently, but before buying male sex doll, please take precautions as much as possible for the accuracy of the signs.

We Always Want to Know That The Doll Owner Gets His Doll

I am 43 years old and I have a love doll for about 1 year. I will introduce it to you later (now I am in the office). I don’t know that I can set up such a sex doll blog, which happened to happen to me by accident. You may notice that we always want to know how the doll owner can get his own doll without knowing the existence of the blog. This is what I did when I purchased the Sleepwalker doll, and I knew about the blog when I wanted to sell the doll at the end of the year.

Yiyi - 146CM DL Silicone Sex Doll

Therefore, don’t let us tremble impatiently and tell us where your beautiful Keiko comes from. As I said above, I came across this blog by accident. I have a thousand places to imagine blogs on this topic. My doll: It is from the urdolls brand, but it seems to be a counterfeit product purchased on aliexpress a year ago, yes, I know! Sorry! At the time I didn’t know that we could also copy!

I chose this model because its manga/anime jumping edge is relatively small, and I have a good connection with Japanese culture…For me, this is the most beautiful model.. I don’t know France The authorities will criticize this model. She is definitely not a girl! Maybe it’s his comic characters… like the people who lead us know nothing! After much hesitation, research and valuable information on this male sex doll blog, I finally started.

Find Out About The Quality of TPE and Silicone Sex Doll

One person found it very creepy. Every point has. I want to find a second between this summer and the end of this year. When I encountered the problems encountered in the “price sex doll story”, I went to other places to check the products, reviews and two years of forums, and I thought of the 140cm version of the brand “WM Doll”. TPE products (obviously softer than silicone, yes, I think the doll’s buttocks are very hard), the price is cheaper, lighter (also smaller), can be used upright, satisfied with the customers who use the product, maybe not The problem of passing color on clothes. Unfortunately, I use a lot of white.

Sylvia - 146CM DL Silicone Sex Doll

I looked at the time, but the most important thing is that this is a Chinese product and I only see the dealers who bought it from. You will find complete information about the quality, risks and consequences of TPE and silicone sex doll on this site. You can also contact the enthusiastic sellers cited here to advise you and guide you in your choice! After taking a good look, I want to “Made in France” and then look at the product. Welcome, very calm, I saw the manufacturing location of the “showroom” after the repair. I failed for the first time, but I will not necessarily give another 6,500 euros.

In my speech, I also forgot another small problem, that is, the problem in the forming process of two parts. When I brought out the repair kit, this was an opportunity to test the repair kit. If this is not the case, it is always impressive to look closely. When I hold her in my arms, move her… as I said, the thighs are too hard and unrealistic. Maybe one day, they will put prostheses everywhere to release this rigidity of silicone and make their male sex doll more realistic.

We Know The Advantages Of Silicone On Flat Chested Love Doll

I have always heard that silicone materials are much more expensive than TPE, which is why the “small volume” process limits the silicone content. Frankly, all of this is not very clear, and I want to hear the opinions of people who are considered experts on this issue. In short, this does not change the choice of our friends, especially if he likes the cheering process of his wife! At the limit, everything is at best because when we know the advantages of silicone in flat chested love doll.

In addition, my wife has verified the face, and will lend me her voice to choose her. Made from silicone, its economy comes especially from its manufacturing process, which is the same as the high-end organic manufactured by existing technology Silicon dolls have nothing to do. For example, they do not have small internal bodies, which means they are heavier. Over time, the lack of small objects will also affect the resistance of the silicone.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

The silicone real sex doll worthy of name is highly technical, so it is expensive and reasonably priced. If you absolutely want to use silicone within a budget of around 3000 Euros, I cannot suggest that you think too much. At this price, you can have silicone dolls in good condition. And, if you want to get something new and have the same budget, please give priority to TPE. I doubt the above explanation about manufacturing. In short, pouring silicone directly onto the skeleton (in terms of TPE), which means the same weight, but we have “silicone” contacts instead of TPE contacts.


Small Body Is The Core Of High-end Real Sex Doll

If you are interested, I will notify you in time. I made a small table and established a size / weight ratio between silicone and TPE. I bought different brands of silicone and TPE dolls. I found that the average value of TPE is 4.63cm / kg, and the average value of silicone is 4.88cm / kg. The difference is actually very small, especially because the size of the flat chested love doll‘s chest is not considered, so it is necessary to limit this result.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Therefore, we can think that the ratio is exactly the same, and it is difficult to judge the type of material used based on weight. The main function of the small body is not just weight gain and expensive materials. Small objects must first absorb the pressure applied by the incompressible silicone material. If there is no small body, after moving the pelvis, the doll made of 100% silicone will be very fragile. The silicone without the compensation area will directly exert pressure on the bone, which will greatly increase the risk of bone fracture.

fiber. Making dolls with small bodies is an art because small bodies must be perfectly researched and calibrated in the mold. The small body is the core of the high-end real sex doll because it allows the connection between the bone and the skin layer. Even if the raw material cost is increased, the manufacturing cost will explode during the manufacturing process due to the use of at least two molds (at least 1 mold for small foam + 1 mold for silicone). The waste rate has risen sharply.

Very Impressive Silicone Sex Doll Pictures

For dolls, the closer you are to the “human” ratio, the more weight will increase, and handling dolls will not be as simple as you think. Choose the WM brand, and must have their own reasons. But please note that there are other very serious brands that can provide you with a wider selection of 140 and 165 cm models, because of the huge difference between sex doll weight and form, you are hesitant about these two sizes, which is a bit strange.

You’d better ask the members about your pre-selected dolls and provide their testimony. I personally have a 148cm doll, and I am very, very satisfied with it, because in terms of its size, this is the best “scrolling”, I still think that anyway. Be careful about the weight and use you really need to pay attention to. If you are walking towards a heavy doll, it may be useful to go to the showroom to understand the weight. If you are interested in 165 cm, you can look at 158 ​​and 165 cm.

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Their shape is exactly the same, and the weight of 158 cm is 28 kg, and the hips are more round, changed to 84 cm WM is 77 cm, the price is more attractive. If you need specific information about 158 ​​cm, I can give you because I have one. So first of all, if my choice is for the WM DOLLS brand, then this is first and foremost a very natural aspect of some proposed faces, and even very impressive on certain silicone sex doll pictures.

Fall In Love With Silicone Sex Doll Like A Woman

Hello everyone, I am very happy to start speaking; I am a 31-year-old man and I am single. The doll has been making me wonder. I plan to get a tool to use it as a sex game. But especially when I feel opposite to me, I sit on the sofa whether watching TV or taking a nap, kind of like a baby. After checking different sites online, I chose the WM DOLLS brand, more specifically 140 cm and 165 cm model sex doll. I hesitated between these two models a lot of 140cm has a perfect outline, but in my opinion its size is really small.

165cm is very similar to the 140cm curve. In my opinion, the thigh looks too thin. I do n’t want to regret that this transaction is quite large, so I hope that you will express your views and experience and some of your photos so that I can compare and make a final decision. I personally think that the size of 161 is suitable for size, especially for pet dolls. I think this is very suitable for being with a real woman. 140 is too small to give the same feeling.

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

By paying attention to weight, the doll 165 is much heavier than 140. Note that it is vulnerable! Should be more careful than with women. In this case, if you are 1m80, I suggest you use 165, and I have 155, this is to make my 1m77 kiss and more at the same time. You will find it is more than a sex toy. With the necessary imagination, it will become a partner, and you will fall in love with the silicone sex doll tenderly and passionately like a woman. It is already a good thing that you have selected only 2 dolls.

The Relationship Of Machines Makes Us Love The Artificial Sex Doll

For information, I am also a former computer expert and now a plumber and electrician. Another computer scientist! No, it ’s not actually true. I ’m talking about me, but I ’m almost 36 years later. This is the most respected industry. Is it because of our relationship with machines that we love sex doll? Yes, for many of them, they often pay everything for us, but we love them so much that we still want them at home.

So afterwards, I also saw that for many of them, they prefer to chat with people outside, have a drink or two, then let go of their arms, laugh and play with almost anyone, their boyfriends or others . This is not the problem. Especially in our time, we are like a product, as easy as changing a mobile phone every year, because it is no longer popular. He was spoiled at first, and then ignored again.

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

The sexy lingerie photographer I introduced to myself as myself. Information about dolls. Because underwear models cost me a lot of money, and my problem is that if the duration of the session is too long, I have to pay them a make-up fee without calculating availability, demand, and company. Suddenly, I thought of a silicone sex doll, which can help me make up shots or avoid long training to save money. Here, I will post my question in the appropriate place.

Showroom To See Sex Dolls In Real Life

Some manufacturers provide it or go to the showroom to see sex doll in real life. For the delay, I received my doll 8 days after payment. I think the 20-day delay is already very long compared to the average! I will review my requirements for fucking. In fact, the weight of the floor is 40 kg. It is not obvious (tested with 2 bags of plaster, which limits the route of obstacles). I will go with you to study. It is recommended to keep the same size, many At 1m60, the hips and chest should be wide. If someone has ordered from Silver Doll, can he contact me?

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

All these placed elements may cause a delay. For example, usually at the beginning of the year, the Chinese New Year will extend the deadline. If you use his experience to enable him to anticipate certain phenomena and inform you of the risks before starting the order. As for the packaging, it is a large, heavy brown cardboard with an inscription engraved on it, making it impossible for the layman to guess that it is a doll. You will find some photos, these photos she is sitting on one or two of the boxes.

On the other hand, like Rockman, I insist on weight issues. My first silicone sex doll was a 36-kg WM doll 161, and I had to go through a learning phase before I could move it without worrying. Even today, I carefully prepare every trip to avoid damaging it and not hurting myself. There are three kinds of skin color. It is very difficult to accurately understand the color with a photo that does not reflect the actual color rendering. You must be aware of this problem. Ideally, there is a sample.