As The Owner of Male Sex doll with Angel Face

Then there is the 155cm model, which has become more and more serious, but sex doll is more difficult to operate, and then the 165cm model that is closest to reality. Then there is the price… for 140 cm, I found most models on ebay at a price of 750 €, but how to make sure that the right product is encountered, such as the right hair, skin, the right color material or the right size. For For larger models, the budget will increase rapidly.

Then perform maintenance, and you may get drunk quickly in the long run. Then, according to the wear of the material, it was the biggest annoyance when I purchased it. What materials and the most realistic touch? I always see electronic skins or silicones and even hybrids, where I get lost. One last point. The 140 cm doll should be difficult to find all kinds of clothes. For 155 and 165 cm, it should be simpler because they are more standard human dimensions… Am I wrong?

DL Silicone Sex Doll High End

Here, if someone can enlighten me on one of these points, I first want to thank him. You can definitely ask yourself all these questions, you will find some serious dealers (tested by previous members) and fanatics on this blog, they share experience and technology to better help you consider the advantages of dolls, Maintain restrictions and ultimately make the choice that best meets your expectations. Is this “158cm TPE doll”? If it is, even if the size looks correct, I am not very excited and the skin tone is not deep enough. Asia is not enough…too bad. As the owner of the male sex doll with WM 140 with angel face, I can assure you that it is a very good doll from the doll world.

I Will Receive Sex Doll in A Few Weeks

I ordered a little angel 140 from urdolls and I will receive sex doll in a few weeks. As far as I am concerned, I am 47 years old. Bachelors are intermittent (yes, I know, it makes people laugh) and I am curious about my heart. I don’t know the brand WN, maybe it’s just the tongue, do you mean order from urdolls? If this is the case, you can rest assured that, in principle, delivery will be a few weeks faster, because it took me 8 days!

Xixi - 146CM DL Silicone Sex Doll

I don’t know the WM deadline, but you will be notified soon. You tell us your curiosity, what topics can we know? I live in the Paris area, 38 years old this year, single for a long time, no children. It is not easy to be single, especially when there is no sex, for this reason, I will consider buying a beautiful doll! First, you must define a specification in order to choose the selection criteria that represent your ideal woman.

Rest assured, it exists, and all (or almost) members of the blog will tell you that they have found it. We must define the range of weight, budget and shape. Of all the brands represented here, there are definitely ideal dolls. If you live in the Paris area, to visually and manually understand that it is actually a doll. Then you will have time to browse all galleries. Pulsating or less attractive photos and photos of “horny” dolls between each other unless you are really obsessed
Otherwise, you must wait patiently, but before buying male sex doll, please take precautions as much as possible for the accuracy of the signs.

Some Joints Are More Restricted Than Normal Doll Joints

I encountered some problems in “Doll Story”. I usually use sex doll to change the position of the doll, place the photo, and hold the glass. After two months, there was a problem quickly, even though the joints did not have any grip, the joints of the arms were no longer stiff. One of the knees started to play a big role, apparently some defective plastic washers had problems running. Nothing is too serious. Repair within the warranty period. After recovery, the problem recovered in less than a month.

Richer - 150CM Big Breasts Wheat Skin DL Silicone Sex Doll

I was asked to make a new repair, if the problem persists, please replace the doll. After the second maintenance, only a few movements, the problem was recovered. Acknowledge that the replacement of the product is clearly marked in the email, but do not want to do so. If you purchased an option with a hinged finger. Integrate the cable and make a simple cut, the edge of the end of the cable begins to separate the fingers, there are currently three, and the other is very fragile.

Not to mention that some joints are more restricted than normal joints, and the same is true on the other side, and there are not enough restrictions from the beginning. in short. Very good product, but the price has a lot of problems in the short term. Starting a program will cost me a lot of money, I can’t see other products without calculating the lost time. After showing male sex doll to friends, a lot of things are taken to the real side and details. The face, wig, imitation of the skin and ribs, borrowing, the twisted sides of the chest impress. ‘Other (actually girls) we play with dolls directly.

Does Real Comfort or Danger Affect The Life Of The Flat Chested Love Doll?

An open-minded woman (well, it depends on what). Therefore, we agreed to purchase a doll. The main part of the question now: what model? => At present, my choice stops on the heating system => Does real comfort or danger affect the life of the flat chested love doll? Price difference => Why is China / Japan silicone resin much cheaper than FR / United States? Is the quality the same? (Considering the price difference, I do n’t believe it for a second, but who knows) Finally, here, I hope this opening will enable me to find the answer to the question.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

I will not miss to share my experience when this day will come, but it is really not right ^^ the result. For the novice, I find you are still very advanced! Indeed, you have decided on the budget and have “pre-selected” a doll model. This is because it meets the criteria you determined, you only need to wait to visit the exhibition hall of urdolls to confirm or change your choice. This is the ideal way to consider buying the first doll.

By the way, as our friends said, you are so lucky! Wife and mistress at home, dream! I found that your choice was first worn on urdolls 162 cm. I saw that the seller said in the demo that this is a silicone doll, which is actually compared in TPE: the silicone doll is a 160 cm real sex doll, so the shape is almost the same, the cost is almost twice the original weight 26 kg, The Z-type weighs 35 kg, which is endless!

I Fell in Love With The 155cm Wmdoll Real Sex Doll Model

Hello everyone, I am a newbie on this site, and I want to know about the doll brand. Here you will find information about these brands. If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask. If you tell us why you need information, we can provide you with more precise guidance. As you can see, all these brands are cited. You only need to visit all these manufacturers and compare their flat chested love doll.

Once you have refined your choices, you can ask one of the members if you have feedback on the doll you pre-selected, because there is nothing better than winning a good idea. The choice is very, very important, so you should make a specification yourself to make a rough choice. We are ready to help you in your beautiful business.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Take your time, if you can, visiting the showroom is a very important and decisive step. I fell in love with the 155cm wmdoll real sex doll model, and I told myself to establish a connection with a community specializing in this field to better take care of my future, which is not a bad thing. I am looking for information here. many problems! I am 35 years old and I am a couple.

Personalize Your Real Sex Doll According To Your Preferences

I have had this company’s products for three years. Despite some concerns, I have no regrets. All companies have advantages and disadvantages. The circuit breaker has guaranteed the heating option for nearly two years. There used to be a problem in the past, but this is no longer the case. However, due to the poor soldering quality of internal circuits, the service life of this option is still uneven. When handling your flat chested love doll, she will suffer various inevitable impacts during normal use.

These impacts will damage the soldering, and if you have the soul of a soldering iron and handyman, you can easily repair it. At the beginning, I found this option to have real advantages and comfort, when my room was not heated. Low-intensity resistance runs through the entire body. Wait for half an hour to warm up. Today, I hardly use it anymore.

WM NO.273 Head Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

The quality of silicone is acceptable. For this 39 kg model, it is indeed silicone, which includes filler materials (called “small bodies”). The old model is made of TPE and weighs 32 kg. However, the company has regained its status as a leading manufacturer in China. Therefore, their production follows increasing demand. Don’t rush to receive your doll! It is required to dry for a week to choose the eyes, lips and breasts.

By the way, if you have special requirements, your real sex doll will be personalized according to your preferences. I thought I confirmed that I had not received an answer, but I missed your message, which made me a little relieved, which confirmed my research, and we cannot really judge the content of this article. Depending on weight, many people seem to be doing this unfortunately. I think that, given that her doll is still young, what she can choose is indeed a gadget that attracts customers, which really attracted me, but after a few days of discussion, we soon fell on the gold nugget.

Busty Breasts Horizontal Shaped Silicone Sex Doll

I am not a photography expert. If I understand your approach, then you are looking for a model that is as realistic as possible, that is, who will do your photographer ’s work like a real woman. As we all know, the current love doll can achieve these functions. I think this function can be achieved in the silicone manufacturing you indicated, but I don’t understand why you would ignore the manufacturing in TPE sex doll. These prices are much cheaper.

Eugene - 166CM Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Between 2000 and 2500 eu, it has a very enlightening form and very beautiful faces, and also has a very strong metal frame, which can take pictures perfectly. In my opinion, the most beautiful dolls, but they are the most expensive! If you do not have a budget, you can use a large number of models in TPE to find the model that best suits your “your specifications”. Have a good pursuit! Thank you for all your replies.

Is that a doll’s story? I saw many people talking about it, but because of you, I do n’t quite understand its meaning. After using TPE or silicone, the main point I can introduce to me is that the visual aspect is very beautiful and very close to women, not necessarily the touch I like once, especially I can move with little trouble. Thank you for letting me tell the website I will see. Yes, I am looking for a silicone sex doll with a plump breast horizontal shape, and there is not much.

Spin On Top Of The Magic Mountain That The Doll Can Represent

I think this is a revolutionary concept, and its name is: Melancholy. Passionate and enthusiastic, but deeply sorry for each of us. I apologize deeply for the sex doll‘s words. For this reason, a simple thanks is not enough, but this is what I can do today. Everyone is happy. I put your dummy under your elbow.

You seem to have all the openness and sensitivity-to art-spinning on top of the magic mountain that a doll can represent. Even for me the richest person among them (Affected?). I want to answer in this sense: the height we really have. From the beginning, my impression was correct. By citing Chopin as a musical reference and opening us up in such a beautiful way, our new friends eventually conquered me.

Charles - 156CM H-cup WM TPE Sex Doll

It’s been a week since I wrote anything here. The reason is that I am overwhelmed by a small thing, a feeling, a feeling of infinite beauty. Some people can give it a name. All I can say is that this allows my will to develop. In the past week, movement and stagnation no longer exist. It hasn’t spread to me yet, but it did change my habits.

Enjoy Casual Extraordinary Sex Doll Body

It is actually enjoying the extraordinary sex doll body. Obese? Well, this surprised me, the story of this child doll is disgusting, thank you for your warning, because the crazy breast in my head, frankly has nothing to do with children, this is forbidden, without you, I do n’t Will know! So yes, I like big breasts and sometimes I go and see.

Charles - 156CM H-cup WM TPE Sex Doll

Here you make the right choice, and you wo n’t regret it. Take the time to choose your favorite model. These dolls are not only sexual partners, but also excellent partners. I am very enthusiastic and enthusiastic. I received the first 161 cm. After the doll, I ordered another 170 cm from Bruno three months ago. I personally do not need to deal with him, and with a good reference, I clearly affirmed that the doll is at the top of the list, and I only report his words.

To me, it seems to be of good quality compared to Doll in appearance and realistic TPE. If you confirm through technical evidence that the skeletons of “Girls” and “JY” are of poor quality, I believe you have no problem! So let’s go back to the basic rules; less is more expensive-less is better, but I know you have to offer a variety of prices to meet all budgets and prevent future DO quality differences! I’m not angry, but when I hear that the quality of a TPE doll is good, I have to react.

Next To It Is A Perfectly Shaped Sex Doll

It all depends on whether you cause sex, passion, extreme love in your home, and you surpassed your goals … When did you start being single? You will see it, and if it has a psychological impact on you, then it will be difficult for you to “organize” it! Imagine yourself on the sofa, next to a perfectly shaped sex doll, with your hands on your thighs, stroking mechanically while watching TV or surfing on a tablet.

After you choose, it mainly depends on the taste. You just have to think about it, the higher your requirements for big dolls, and the better the shape, the Japanese sex doll will add weight, not just a little. From 140 cm dolls to 23 kg, to 160 cm dolls, plus beautiful hips, can weigh up to 40 kg.

I’m serious! Cleaning lady used to dolls … she is pearl! Would you like to offer her a risk premium? 6 kg more! Almost weighed the weight of a real woman (my mother was 21m 1m59, even pregnant with me 43kg, and she was not over 50 years old and I was uncomfortable … this doll (I haven’t yet) will become my secret garden.

Charles - 156CM H-cup WM TPE Sex Doll

I do not know. Maybe it will change over time ^^ For me, the idea of ​​a young lady soon is indeed a new idea and even worse, even if my male sex doll is very good and efficient, I will Worried that the doll is damaged. To my surprise, I was so protected even when I didn’t order.