The Acceptance Of Physical Dolls Is Getting Higher And Higher

Although in the West, real silicone flat chest sex doll are still new and most popular in the United States (due to the influence of Realdoll), in the East, the acceptance of physical dolls is increasing. For people who want to pursue high-quality dolls, regardless of their motivation or motivation, this is a good choice. The emergence of AI smart dolls makes people have higher requirements for real dolls. Not only men but also women have shown interest in such excellent machines because they not only provide sexual comfort but also emotional support. Ordinary dolls cannot meet the needs of many people who seek continuous stimulation and stimulation. There are already smart love doll manufacturers in the adult market. The smart doll can conduct intelligent dialogue or dialogue. But it is still in progress. Since sex and adult toys are still taboo around the world (more than half of the population are illegal or unavailable), there is little investment in such technologies.

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Dolls are made so that they can be manipulated to different positions, and to do this, they will need some kind of skeletal system (otherwise they will not be able to maintain a posture). Like humans, the skeletal system allows tpe sex doll to bend from their joints, allowing them to maintain a fixed posture like humans. All high-end silicone dolls have some kind of bone skeleton. Various manufacturers use different materials to construct their skeletal system. For example, they can be made of PVC, used for bones, made of steel, used for joints or completely aluminum structures. The bones of these dolls are stronger, so they can be moved to various positions, including standing upright.

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Unlike other types of sex dolls, cloth and stuffed sex dolls are like animated sex dolls or stuffed male sex doll, not realistic sex dolls. These types of love dolls are very soft and easy to carry. It is equipped with slits for insertion into the vagina, so the material will not be damaged. However, they did not feel or look like real lifelike dolls.
Other dolls, such as those made of fabric, have weaker bones. They are made of wire, so they cannot stand on their own. However, they can be manipulated into many sitting and squatting positions. Cheap dolls that look like plush toys do not have a skeleton, so although they are bendable, they cannot be put in the desired posture. However, the stand can be placed upright and accessories can be obtained from the manufacturer.

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