As The Owner of Male Sex doll with Angel Face

Then there is the 155cm model, which has become more and more serious, but sex doll is more difficult to operate, and then the 165cm model that is closest to reality. Then there is the price… for 140 cm, I found most models on ebay at a price of 750 €, but how to make sure that the right product is encountered, such as the right hair, skin, the right color material or the right size. For For larger models, the budget will increase rapidly.

Then perform maintenance, and you may get drunk quickly in the long run. Then, according to the wear of the material, it was the biggest annoyance when I purchased it. What materials and the most realistic touch? I always see electronic skins or silicones and even hybrids, where I get lost. One last point. The 140 cm doll should be difficult to find all kinds of clothes. For 155 and 165 cm, it should be simpler because they are more standard human dimensions… Am I wrong?

DL Silicone Sex Doll High End

Here, if someone can enlighten me on one of these points, I first want to thank him. You can definitely ask yourself all these questions, you will find some serious dealers (tested by previous members) and fanatics on this blog, they share experience and technology to better help you consider the advantages of dolls, Maintain restrictions and ultimately make the choice that best meets your expectations. Is this “158cm TPE doll”? If it is, even if the size looks correct, I am not very excited and the skin tone is not deep enough. Asia is not enough…too bad. As the owner of the male sex doll with WM 140 with angel face, I can assure you that it is a very good doll from the doll world.

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