I Became More Like Sex Doll Than My Physical Desire

The price/price/weight/quality/appearance of this sex doll is completely acceptable. In terms of clothes, I chose TU (elastic size) or 12/14 years old, which is very suitable. Due to back problems, I still support his 25 kg tpe. I don’t think I can wear more clothes even if I can wear more without risking hurting myself. At first, I wanted a sex doll, but as time went on, I became more like physical desires.

160CM DL Silicone Sex Doll Boxing

I caress her and hug her. I don’t know why it comforts me so much, but hey, that’s all. Finally here, if my testimony can help your work, I hope you can do an in-depth study on the blog. I recently discovered the right: bad passion for love dolls (even my fantasies), especially the brand’s love dolls, I want to invest in my first love doll soon. For the first acquisition, I plan to spend up to 2000 Euros and invest in new investments.

Therefore, I am looking for information about dolls, so I will naturally register on your blog. Take a moment to tell yourself. The blog is there. Pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality of service that comes with it. Importing dolls wildly seems to be an attractive option, but then we let ourselves fall into disappointment. Please check the site referenced by the male sex doll blog instead. You will find reliable contacts there. In order not to repeat myself, because I have the same thing to tell you, please read the information a few minutes ago.

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